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half island - very special

A film by LORTH GESSLER MITTELSTAEDT, advertising agency, Constance.

We want to keep getting better for our guests. That is why we worked with the people, businesses and institutions of the municipality of Wasserburg on Lake Constance to develop a guiding principle for tourism.

A total of 13 guiding principles should help us to pull together so that we are even more attractive for our guests. We are now going into the future with this model and we want to be measured and measured against it. Pictures say more than a thousand words and films say more than a thousand pictures. That is why we have produced a short film for the people in our community that transports the core messages of the mission statement in an emotional way.

Since we think that this film says a lot about Wasserburg and the people of our community, we are making it available to the public here. By the way: at the end of the film we will also present you our new slogan.

And now: enjoy watching.


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